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Pcdj Dex 3 Machine Id Windows 10

Not yet looked on the old machine but factory reset nitro 5 on windows 11 removed all unnecessary software, done all the CPU throttling aspects, power management, all latest drivers, not even switched on the software and latency monitor flagged up nvlddmkm.sys 3.15 ms then dxgkrnl.sys 0.7593, Wdf0100.sys 0.2522.

Pcdj Dex 3 Machine Id Windows 10


What confuses me is the issues appear on all 3 machine even the nitro which I the one I really want to resolve as djing is what I brought it for. I can't get the NVIDA kernel mode driver not to appear now, its currently 3.735ms fir execution

Sounds like their tune is changing about your old ACER. Not quite sure if their added feature updates play well with the rapid fire Windows feature updates. Or vice-versa. Especially now that you seem to have 3 machines from 2 different mfrs behaving similarly.

Key differences with this machine and the ASUS and Acer nitro 5 OS windows 10, older version of VDJ, not optimised in ANY way for pro audio use No seperate graphic card just h=using the intel HD graphics on the i5, 8gb RAM. 350c69d7ab


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