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GayDemon is created and maintained by a passionate porn fanatic and strives to satisfy your every desire for free gay porn. Originally starting as a web site directory in 1999, the oldest section of GayDemon contains an index of links to gay porn sites. However, it quickly evolved into writing in-depth, honest, gay porn reviews readers can trust. As blogging became popular, a free gay porn blog was added in 2006, providing daily posts with the latest releases from different producers and studios. The same year, GayDemon started to host a library of erotic stories that has become one of the world's largest collections of free gay pornx stories. Then, in 2013, work started on a tube section that now offers access to 50,000 hot free gay porn movies. Around the same time, a gallery was added that hosts thousands of gay porn pictures uploaded by different bloggers. GayDemon is still growing and will continue to evolve. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or questions.

GayDemon will never link to gay porn sites with men under the age of 18. All pages are labelled using RTA (Restricted To Adults) which makes it possible for parents to block this site. External links are verified using Google's Safebrowsing database, inappropriate or unsafe links are automatically blocked. All images and videos comply with 18 U.S.C. 2257, that means models featured on GayDemon provided proof of age and were over 18 at the time of photography. Records for sexually explicit images are held by the individual producer of the images. GayDemon contains user generated content uploaded by 3rd parties. The source of the content, and not GayDemon, is responsible for the content made available through this service.

In short, Chromecast lets you send (cast) content to your TV without downloading it, or using different apps. Android TV (or smart TVs using the Android TV OS) lets you install and use apps from the Google Play Store, or sideload them. If you need a guide to watching porno movies on Google TV or Amazon Fire TV, we have you covered for that as well.

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Richard Finkbiner, who lives in the western Indiana community of Brazil, signed an agreement filed Wednesday in federal court in Terre Haute on Wednesday to plead guilty to child exploitation, extortion and possession of child pornography in exchange for a recommended sentence of 30 to 50 years in prison.

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The Internet has made the ability to access pornography as easy as checking email. And with the advanced download speeds, today's male youth (who are more aroused by visual pornography than women) find it provides them the ability to instantly access a display of sexual variety, even on their smart phones. Here, a whole range of bodies sexually interact in all combinations, styles, mixtures, manners and video quality. There are no age controls for these websites, and no need to register a credit card. Accordingly, Gail Dines, author of, Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality (2010) argues that boys access pornography on average at age 11.

Conservatives, such as Rick Santorum, are sure to view this as declining morality. There are also a number of debates about pornography's potential negative consequences. Unfortunately, there is less media interest on the positive impacts of Internet pornography. First, pornography on the Internet is mostly user generated today. The professional industry is under assault by users, posting their own images for free. This has the benefit of expanding who gets to be thought sexual. In this aspect, Internet pornography provides what some feminists concerned with pornography have been calling for all along: not its abolition but instead an explosion of the subjectivities of different kinds of people in pornography. Today anyone can be a porn star.

Another overlooked benefit to pornography comes from the fact that it provides gay youth a sense of sexual validation. As a closeted 13 year old, the only homoerotic pornographic images I could find were the shirtless boys in newspaper underwear ads. Gay pornography would have given me a visual understanding, not only of the operation of gay sex, but a confirmation that what I wanted to do was possible. Fortunately, today's young gay males have that ability. This likely helps young boys learn that they are gay earlier in life, too.

The subjects of these retrospectives emerged from various backgrounds and frame their concerns in different ways, but all share a talent for unearthing the creepy things crawling beneath the shiny surface of American culture. They also share a debt, through their youthful exposure to religion, to the tradition of eschatology, or the study of Last Things. The canonical text of the Apocalypse is the Book of Revelation, which recounts the perfidy of Satan, the final, grand battle between the forces of good and evil, and the end of the world as we know it. This mythology has burrowed deep into the modern psyche and provides a language for thinking about our own more secular crises and catastrophes. For these four artists Apocalypse becomes a way to deal with our darkest fears.

Champ: A Space OperaAngst: The New Teen MusicalTheatre Reviews by Matthew MurrayThere's Something About MarriageThere's Something About Marriage, which is playing at the Center for Architecture as part of the New York International Fringe Festival, is the first show I've ever seen to insists its audience members leave their cell phones on - and mean it. In fact, John Fisher, the de facto emcee and Executive Director of San Francisco's Theatre Rhinoceros (from which this production comes), even offers a prize - "one whole dollar!" - to the first person to receive a call during the show. Gimmicky? Yes. But believe it or not, there is a point: As Fisher explains it, he wants Americans to be a part of the dialogue about gay marriage, and that means keeping all lines of communication open.The discussion the show encourages, however, is presented less as thought-provoking agitprop than as an all-out burlesque. Conceiver-director Fisher, A.K. Conrad, Sara Moore, and Maryssa Wanlass enact a dozen or so fast-paced - if usually only moderately funny - skits focusing on topics of vital interest to San Franciscans and Americans in general. Among them: Mayor Gavin Newsom's 2004 same-sex marriage initiative, scenes from the lives of two couples (one male, one female) pondering the meaning of love and commitment in their own lives, the extent to which President Bush was reelected because of a gay-marriage backlash, and even parodic game shows aimed at identifying in-the-closet straights, unveiling lesbians's sexual habits, and determining the degree to which homosexual self-loathing is lied about.Despite being coated with a crude shallowness - which reaches its nadir (or, depending on your point of view, its zenith) in two gay porn clips for which the audience is encouraged to provide the soundtracks - There's Something About Marriage is a compellingly complex look at an oversimplified subject. Its interweaving of political and social concerns is deceptively sophisticated, and its messages are hardly of the sound-bite variety. If you're expecting this show to be either an inveterate drum-beater for gay marriage or to firmly denounce it, you'll be disappointed: The show collects more diverse opinions and attitudes about the subject than you'll find in most news accounts or editorials.Even if they're wrapped in a satiric package, you're forced to take them seriously. As There's Something About Marriage examines so many facets of this struggle for equality, you might just find yourself stunned at the fresh understanding you take away from a subject that often seems to have been discussed to completion.Running Time: 90 minutes with no intermissionVENUE #10: Center for Architecturewww.TheRhino.orgPerformances: Sun 19 @ 8:45, Mon 20 @ 9, Tue 21 @ 3:30, Wed 22 @ 9Tickets online FringeNYCChamp: A Space OperaIn space, no one can hear you kick-ball-change, and at Champ: A Space Opera, no one can hear anything else, either. This potentially fascinating science-fiction ballet - created by Jeff Curtin, Juan Pieczanski, and Patrick Young, and choreographed by John Heginbotham - is sabotaged by a sound and video system that make it impossible to decipher the songs' lyrics or following its projected plot narration. While the five actors who spend a solid hour tripping the cosmos fantastic are unquestionably accomplished, neither they nor the dances they perform can tell a story this complicated by themselves.Even the must-read synopsis in the program stumbles attempting to explain the significance of spaceship watchman Champ (Jonathan Fredrickson), "descended from a hereditary line of telepaths," who diverts the ship's cargo of the universe's last remaining humans on a dangerous voyage once he picks up a woman's voice emanating from the SABIEN wave receiver. It's barely possible to glean as much from the show itself, and once Champ decides to share his discovery with the crew and must accept the awful consequences, any hope of comprehension is sucked right out the airlock.What do come through are the relationships between the various crew members: the love affair of Captain Maas (Aaron Mattocks) and engineer Justine (Meghan Merrill) that gives away to Justine's strange fascination with Champ and then Maas's retaliatory efforts to regain control. As long as Heginbotham's dances focus on these concerns, Champ makes for an intriguing study of alienation within a community where community is the only thing that matters; Fredrickson displays an appealing innocence, Merrill a life-hardened distrust of the unfamiliar, and Mattocks a nicely managed violent streak, so when they clash, theatrical sparks really do fly.But with an unforgivably overamplified sound system for Curtin and Pieczanski's sentimentally mushy lyrics and a video screen positioned so that the dancers block half of it (and its clarity-giving text) at any given moment, the specifics of this "future mythology" in the making never come through. In fairness, unexpected venues frequently pose problems for Fringe shows with special needs, and Champ is one of the most demanding I've seen this summer. These problems are only debilitating, however, because the story isn't adequately conveyed through dialogue or dance - the creators would have done well to remember one of their own show's morals: Technology, without the human element, is as meaningless as empty space.Running Time: 70 minutes with no intermissionVENUE #6: The Village Theatrewww.champchampchamp.comPerformances: Sun 19 @ 2:45, Mon 20 @ 5:15Tickets online FringeNYCAngst: The New Teen MusicalWhiny high-schoolers complaining about school, sex, and self... What is this, Broadway? The chief difference between Angst: The New Teen Musical and Spring Awakening is that while the latter longs to bring modernity to the past, its Fringe Festival-by-way-of-Minnesota counterpart wants to re-embrace old-fashioned musical values within the strictures of a contemporary story. That could well work —if only the story's idea of contemporary weren't tired network sitcoms and the Disney Channel's High School Musical.A class of nine students is ordered by their teacher, Mr. King (Theo Langason) to pair off and prepare a presentation about the ways in which they're alike. The kids don't see it at first: After all, what could the religious zealot (Derek Prestly) have in common with the booze hound (Tara Borman), the gorgeous and popular girl (Celeste J. Busa) with the sensitive and fashion-conscious boy (David Belt), the doper (Ross Orenstein) with the workaholic (Michelle Hernick), or the activist (Jeff Rolfzen) with the not-black-enough kid (Nathan Barlow)? But they eventually do, because they have to, in an overwrought and overlong series of two-person scenes that advance the premise without ever expanding it.Last is the class's loner (Eric Mayson), who's addicted to MySpace and is confined to watching everyone else interact in the ways he's denied. He's the only one who feels like a fully fashioned person, with passions and dreams that extend commonly clichéd precepts. Mayson also gives the show's most honest performance, moving from quiet satisfaction to social discomfort with an ease the sketchy plot doesn't allow anyone else. He also has the show's best songs, which introduce us to his class in a sweeping production number of adolescent, class-conscience fervor and chronicle his own journey into a hell of loneliness from which he anticipates no salvation.But no one else in the company, which helped write the show last summer as part of the Young Artists Council of Youth Performance Company, finds much believability in their hackneyed characters or situations; Busa has directed with too leery an eye for the obvious, and Langason's choreography seems to mimic "Broadway dancing" rather than the unique movements of these tortured teens' souls. As an initial effort for many of those involved, Angst is an admirable attempt in need of the additional originality that growing up - and rewriting - are usually able to provide.Running Time: 100 minutes with no intermissionVENUE #6: The Village Sun 19 @ 12, Mon 20 @ 9:15Tickets online FringeNYC Share: 041b061a72

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