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Happy New Year! May This Be A No Resolution Year

Friendship can be the greatest gift for a new year, and as friends come and go, reflect on your relationships that stood the test of time. Raise a glass to many more years together with these Happy New Year wishes perfect for friends.

Happy New Year! May This Be A No Resolution Year

This year, send holiday greeting cards to your close friends and family. Give them the best happy New Year greetings that are sure to start off their year on a great note. Sending a Happy New Year message can give your card recipients a great blessing to let them know that you are thinking about them this holiday season and that you are wishing the best for them in the next coming year. These messages are great ways to wish you your friends and family members after a long year.

If you are looking to send inspirational new year wishes to friends and family this year, look no further. These are perfect for a card or even sending over text. With these inspiring messages, everyone who receives them is bound to be motivated for the year. Using any of these messages will bring a smile to your friends and families faces for the start of the New Year.

The New Year is a great time to have a fresh start. Including a motivation quote or inspirational message on cards and invitations is great for sending to family and friends. Remember to speak from your heart when wishing someone a happy New Year. Everyone will be so excited to receive a message that it will be the perfect way to kickstart the beginning of their year.

I love myself and my family enough that I want to be around for more than a few more years, and I have to do my part. As much as I want everyone to enjoy long stretches of happiness, joy, progress and success, some of us won't live as long as others.

Now, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most of us in the United States can expect to live 76.4 years. In Louisiana, the age is 73.1. That's the shortest life span in a couple of decades.

Instead of thinking about new year's resolutions that you may or may not follow through on after the first few days or weeks, think about good choices and healthy living so you can fight the odds, and be one of the longest-living Louisianans and Americans.

One practical approach to turning your resolutions into healthier behaviors is to use readily available tools that could give you an edge in your quest to stay motivated and on track to attaining your goals for the year ahead.

Original Medicare (Parts A and B) covers an annual wellness visit as well as some preventive screenings, such as mammograms and colonoscopies. Your annual wellness visit is a good opportunity to sit down with your doctor and develop a plan to help you achieve your best health in the year ahead.

Did you go all-in with your holiday shopping this year? All those gifts you bought may have left your January credit card statements extra-lengthy. And life can get expensive any time of year, particularly as our health care costs creep up as we get older.

If you're anything like the average person, you'll break all your resolutions in less than a week. So, instead of being hard on yourself, try a different approach this year. Consider applying your top 5 resolutions to your investment portfolio. Here are 5 to get you started.

Well, try shaking things up a bit by learning about different strategies you could apply in order to squeeze a little more out of those slackers. Have you ever thought of strategies like covered calls or cash-secured puts? How about pairs trading? The new year may be a good time to learn about different strategies that could make your portfolio more active.

I guess it all depends on how the previous year treated you, or whether you managed to survive the holidays on a good note. It's a time that, I think, should contain a sense of optimism whatever the case may be. If you had a great year, make the next one better, and if not, hope that this year can be one that counts.

Then there are the dreaded "New Year's resolutions" that many consider the year's first lie we tell ourselves, given that most of us fail to keep them past the first few weeks. Though resolutions can be considered a waste of time or a set-up for failure, they can be a good thing.

People can be pretty hard on themselves when it comes to these kinds of things and in my opinion, a resolution should be nothing more than an idea or a goal you hope to achieve within the year, not necessarily because its Jan. 1.

You can also have more than one, and it's kind of fun to expand beyond the typical personal health category, though that's always important. Maybe you could consider things like taking time to volunteer for a local nonprofit, calling an old friend you haven't spoken to in years, rediscovering an old hobby or tackling a new one.

A new year is also an exciting time to think about things locally, and what we've yet to experience that wasn't here last year. One thing I've loved about living in Columbia over the last eight years is that you never quite know what to expect year after year, but each one has its own surprises.

There is also the downside of a new year when you look back on the things, or people, you might have lost. For Columbia, it's sad to know that restaurants like Vanh Dy's and Wok-N-Grill will no longer be open, among many other establishments that decided close their doors in 2022.

In conclusion, starting off the new year can be difficult for many, especially those of us who might not have had a very merry holiday season, but it's a time when you can't help but look upward and onward. And as I said before, even if you had a great 2022, the new year is an opportunity to make the next one even better.

Having LASIK done is a great option if you are thinking about switching jobs or careers this upcoming year. Clear vision with LASIK opens the door to new opportunities and jobs that require great vision without glasses or contacts. Certain professions like law enforcement, the military, aviation, and firefighting require good vision, as prescription eyewear and blurry vision can affect job performance. Other jobs may not require near perfect vision but can certainly benefit from it. Individuals who wear prescription eyewear and work in front of computers all day may experience eye strain, dry eye and other bothersome symptoms. By reducing or even eliminating the need for glasses and contacts, LASIK can make computer work more comfortable and possibly more productive.

Orioles: Let's not lose 115 games againThe Orioles are starting completely over; it's going to be a while. But not losing a franchise-record number of games seems like a good place to start, right? The Orioles aren't contending this year, but signs of progress would be nice.Rays: Let's get to the playoffsWith all the smart moves the Rays have made this offseason, and with all the strategic inventiveness they've displayed, it's time to see some results. Steamer has the Rays as the ninth-best team in baseball and the second AL Wild Card team. The Rays have missed the past five postseasons. It's time to shock the world again.Red Sox: Let's win another oneThe Red Sox have done just about everything else in the last decade-plus, but there's one thing they haven't done since 1915-16: Win two in a row. The last team to win two World Series in a row was the Yankees. That's a record the Red Sox would love to take away from them.Yankees: Let's go get Manny Machado The match is perfect in every way, both good and bad. Manny has said he's waiting until 2019 to sign. Let's get this done and make the prophecy complete.

CENTRALIndians: Let's get home-field advantage in the AL Division SeriesEven with the improvements in Minnesota and Chicago, Cleveland is still the class of the division. The Indians need to take advantage by winning enough games to at least have home-field advantage in the first round, if not the entire playoffs. There are many wins to be had in this division. The Indians need to get them.Royals: Let's get two prospects in the MLB Pipeline Top 100The Royals are going young and building for the future, but they don't actually have a great farm system set up right now. Brady Singer, No. 60, is the only Top 100 prospect they have right now. This is the year to make sure you get yourself some more.Tigers: Let's see some vintage Jose Cabrera It has been two full seasons since we saw a healthy, raking Miggy. This is a Hall of Famer right in front of us. It'd be a gift to get to see him be that again.

Twins: Let's get four 30-homer hittersSigning Nelson Cruz was the perfect move for a team that needs to up its power game. You don't need to squint to see Cruz, Eddie Rosario, Max Kepler and Miguel Sano all hitting 30 or more. If that happens, this is a Wild Card team at the very least.White Sox: Let's see Eloy Jimenez establish himselfThe phenom prospect should be up by June, at the latest. If he can even approach the freshman season that, say, Ronald Acuna Jr., put up, the White Sox have a cornerstone star for the rest of the prospects to filter in around.WESTAngels: Let's get Michael Trout a playoff winAs long as he doesn't have one and he's still in Los Angeles, this is the resolution. Or else he likely won't be there much longer.

Astros: Let's get a fourth (or third!) starting pitcherAt this point, they essentially have everything else.Athletics: Let's get Matt Chapman an extensionHe's a player you build around, the fans love him and you have a new ballpark you're trying to hype up. Get your budding superstar locked in.Mariners: Let's get the fans something to tide them overThe Mariners made smart moves this offseason, but they were clearly steps backwards in the short term for a team that still has the longest postseason drought in baseball. There are better times ahead, but those long-suffering fans deserve something to make them happy. (Yusei Kikuchi was a nice start.)Rangers: Let's get Joey Gallo's average up to at least .220Gallo's a valuable hitter at .206 and .209. Imagine what he'd be if he hit about 10 points higher.

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