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Aathichudi Kathaigal In Tamil Pdf 57golkes

Aathichudi Kathaigal in Tamil PDF 57golkes

Aathichudi Kathaigal in Tamil PDF 57golkes is a collection of stories based on the famous Aathichudi, a moral poem written by the ancient Tamil poet Avvaiyar. Aathichudi is a set of 109 simple and short verses that teach the basic values and virtues of life to children and adults alike. Each verse begins with a letter of the Tamil alphabet and conveys a moral message in a concise and catchy way. The stories in this collection are inspired by the verses of Aathichudi and illustrate their meanings with examples and anecdotes from various sources.


The stories in this collection are written in simple and easy to understand Tamil language, suitable for readers of all ages. They are also enriched with colorful illustrations that capture the essence of the stories and make them more appealing and engaging. The stories cover various themes such as honesty, kindness, generosity, courage, friendship, gratitude, respect, discipline, learning, etc. They also impart valuable lessons on how to deal with various situations and challenges in life, such as anger, greed, envy, pride, laziness, etc.

The stories in this collection are not only entertaining but also educational and inspirational. They help the readers to develop good character and moral values, as well as to appreciate the rich and diverse culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu. They also encourage the readers to follow the footsteps of Avvaiyar, who was a great poet, scholar, and saint who dedicated her life to the service of humanity and God.

Aathichudi Kathaigal in Tamil PDF 57golkes is a must-read for anyone who loves Tamil literature and wants to learn more about the wisdom and legacy of Avvaiyar. It is also a perfect gift for children who are eager to read and enjoy stories that are both fun and meaningful. The PDF format of this collection makes it easy to download and read on any device.

To download Aathichudi Kathaigal in Tamil PDF 57golkes, please click on the link below:

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