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Kannada Movie Phoonk Full Movie

Ram Gopal Varma's Phoonk turned out to be a success at the box office. The movie opened after an effective publicity campaign. which, combined with its success at the box office, turned a good profit for its investors. It was very popular, especially among younger viewers, for the creator's Rs. 5 Lakh challenge.

kannada movie Phoonk full movie

Sudeep began his film career in Thayavva (1997). He then played a supporting role in Prathyartha, directed by Sunil Kumar Desai, and a lead role in the same director's Sparsha. In 2001, a role in Huchcha gave him his first big following. In 2008 he made his Bollywood debut in Phoonk.[8] He has also starred in Ram Gopal Varma's movies Rann, Phoonk 2 and Rakta Charitra.

He frequently sings in his screen roles, including Vaalee (2001), Chandu (2002), Ranga SSLC (2004), Nalla (2004), #73, Shaanthi Nivaasa (2007), Veera Madakari (2009), Kempe Gowda (2011), Bachchan (2013)[13] and also for others movies such as Mandya to Mumbai (2014), Ring Road Shubha (2014) and Raate (2015).

Sudeepa's next Vikrant Rona, directed by Anup Bhandari, featured Nirup Bhandari and Neetha Ashok.[16] He is also set to play an extended cameo as Bhargav Bakshi in the upcoming Pan India movie Kabzaa starring Upendra.

Kannada movie star Sudeep turns 49 today. He was the latest entrant from the Kannada film industry to join the pan-India bandwagon with his previous movie Vikrant Rona. But he was not a new face for the movie-going audience in the Hindi belt. He has done a slew of original Hindi movies from the early days of his career.

When Sudeep got the offer for Hindi movie Phoonk in 2008 directed by Ram Gopal Varma many of the Kannada industry personalities did not take it seriously. I am not much aware how this movie fared at the box office but it was a gateway to Bollywood for Sudeep. After Phoonk, Sudeep acted in guest roles in Kannada films Mast Maja Madi and Meghave Meghave. Meanwhile Sudeep was busy directing Veera Madakari for his close associate Dinesh Gandhi. Veera Madakari was a super success movie. Ragini Dwivedi got a good break in the Sandalwood.

Meanwhile Sudeep's second Bollywood movie was Rann with superstar Amitab Bachchan. Many had tried to get Bachchan to act in Kannada movies but it was Nagathihalli Chandrashekar who managed to get him to act in a small role in Amruthadhare. Rann was the first time any Kannada actor who was acting in a big role with Bachchan. Rann was a successful movie. Amitabh came to Bangalore for the movie promotion along with Sudeep. Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa was also present in the pressmeet. This was a great turning point for Sudeep. The whole of Bollywood and Sandalwood started looking at Sudeep as a Bollywood actor.

The biggest success for Sudeep came when he signed for Eega directed by Rajamouli. Initially many were sceptical that Sudeep was acting as a villain and not as a hero. But when the movie released Sudeep name went worldwide with the film. When Maanikya shooting was going on at Mysore I had visited and met Sudeep. That evening I had asked him about Eega. Sudeep with a smile said Rajmouli had contacted some actors who had rejected the project. Sudeep had a hunch in his mind after that. "I did not know what it would be but I had anticipated something big. I had even told this to my wife. When Rajmouli's associate called me over the phone I asked him if it was Rajmouli calling, even before he introduced himself. The person who called was shocked. I went to Hyderabad to hear the story. The director was looking at my face. Within a few minutes I told him I am willing to act in Eega,"Sudeep had told me.

Sudeep explained why he chose this character. When Rajmouli was narrating the story Sudeep was very conscious. He understood that the hero will die early in the film and the fly (eega) will start chasing the villain (Sudeep). "When hero dies early in a movie, it is the villain who scores the points. So without thinking I gave my nod for the movie," Sudeep said. Sudeep is the first Kannada person to get an award at the Annual Edition Toronto After Dark Film Festival in its eight edition. Eega is the only Indian film to win awards at this festival. When Sudeep was shooting for Maanikya at Bangkok he was gifted with a chewing gum manufactured in Japan. Sudeep was surprised to see his photo on the wrapper. This was the effect of Eega. Sudeep had created history

Sudeep is not just an actor but he is a very good sportsman. Sudeep's dream was to become a cricketer for which his family members objected. But sporting sprit was always in his blood. Whenever time permitted Sudeep would play cricket and badminton. Sudeep is a good badminton player. During Indrajit Lankesh directed Huduga Hudugi movie, the director had organised a badminton tournament. Sudeep was the main attraction. The movie's website designed by Chitraloka was inaugurated by Sudeep there.

Huchcha was a superhit movie. Everyone who worked in this film made a name. Rehaman was the producer. After the success of the movie he started calling himself as "Huchcha producer." Until then he was used to referring himself as 'Yajamana producer'. He had earlier produced the superhit movie Yajamana. But the success of Huchcha had overshadowed that earlier achievement.

I was covering the shooting of Chandu movie in the Someshwara temple in Ulsoor. There was a fire fight sequence. Sudeep was wearing a black leather coat. While shooting the scene, the fire that was supposed to be on his body suddenly started spreading to his face. Sensing this Sudeep immediately started to douse the flame out. The boy who was applying rubber solution on his coat had spilled it over Sudeep's head and shoulder. Sudeep was so involved in the scene he had not observed this. When fire stated spreading it burnt his moustache a little bit. All these incidents have been captured in my camera!

Many of the Sudeep's movies had their press meet at Hotel Sarovara. This is the place many film persons wanted to shoot in since it was considered lucky for films. Several of Dr Rajkumar's movies had been shot there. Even if not for a lengthy scenes at least one single scene would be shot at this lucky place.

Hotel Sarovar was a bar and restaurant. Next to the building there was huge lengthy corridor. Normally Sudeep's movie press meets was organised there. But for the movie 73, Shanthi Nivasa, the press meet was in a different style. Sudeep had invited the media after getting the censor certificate for the movie on 15th May 2007 The Sarovar corridor was in an ethnic look. Art director Arun Sagar and Suresh Raj had created the venue according to the taste of Sudeep. Shanthi Nivasa turned out to be a thumbs up for all artists and technicians who were so appreciative of the talents, humility and large heartedness of Sudeep and his entire family members. Sudeep close friend Arun Sagar who was playing a significant role in that film had said that Kannada film industry needs more people like Sudeep to elevate it to higher standards.

The next time I met Sudeep when shooting was during the making of Pratyartha. We had gone to Lalith Mahal palace in Mysore to cover the shooting. Once again here, it was Ramesh Aravind and Raghuvaran who were in the limelight. Moreover it was a Sunil Kumar Desai movie and the director was himself a big star.

Tulasi Dalam (Telugu: తలసిదళ, English : Basil Leaf) is a Telugu thriller novel written by Yandamuri Veerendranath.[1] It was published in Andhra Bhoomi weekly in 1980 as a serial and got tremendous popularity.[2] It was republished many times as a paperback and sold approximately 50,000 copies. It was one of the initial novels of Yandamuri that became popular and he was appreciated widely for his narrating style. It was partially inspired by the 1971 bestselling novel The Exorcist. Tulasi Dalam was first adapted into a 1985 Kannada movie titled Thulasidala and later in Telugu as Tulasidalam (1989),in Hindi as Phoonk (2008) and its remake in Telugu as Raksha (2008).In 1986, a story based on this novel called Kashmora was filmed for which Yendamuri Verendranath has worked as writer.

Lakshmi Rai is all excited as she is the leading lady of the Upendra starrer Kalpana. She said that the movie will be a trendsetting film in Sandalwood. Kalpana is the Kannada remake of the Tamil blockbuster Kanchana. The original version also starred Lakshmi Rai playing the female lead. Veteran Tamil director Ramanarayanan directs the remake version. Harikrishna is the music director. The music album will have 5 songs. On talking about the movie, Lakshmi said, "Kanchana was a trendsetter in Telugu and Tamil, I hope it will repeat the success. The movie gave me some helpful acting tips. I am very excited to be a part of the Kannada version as well." Sources state that Lakshmi Rai has been approached by B-town producers to play the leading lady in the movie titled Bhindi Bazaar. But, the actress is yet to confirm the news.

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